Equipment list  
  - Socks (polypro liners, good wool blend outers)  1 pair for every 2-4 days......NO COTTON!  
  - Underwear      
  - Longunderwear top/bottoms (2 pair)....NO COTTON!      
  - Hunting Pants (Wool/Synthetic) (2 pair)      
  - Shirts (Wool/Synthetic) (2 pair)      
  - Gloves (2 pair)      
  - Hat (one warm and one baseball style)      
  - Raingear (for the BC hunts, buy the best you can afford)      
  - Jacket and Vest      
  - Boots (Good treated leather, and in BC you will need knee high rubber boots)  
  - Hip Waders (for the BC river hunts, these are mandatory)      
  - Blister Kit      
  - Camp Shoes      
  - Sleeping bag (synthetic or down, good to -10 C)      
  - Sleeping pad (thermarest style)      
  - Beanie Hat, long underwear (top and bottom), and socks (1 pair).  
  These are only for sleeping in on BC out trips.      
  Hunting equipment      
  - Daypack (2000-3500 cubic inches), needs to be quiet, with a waterbladder system in it.  
  - Binoculars (10x42 is optimal) with chest straps.      
  - Compact Knife and Sharpener      
  - Bow      
  - Arrows (1-2 dozen)      
  - Broadheads (1 dozen....SHARP)      
  - Extra rest and sight pins      
  - Extra release      
  - Bowsling      
  - Armguard      
  - Allen wrench set      
  - String wax      
  - Camo clothing: I suggest the ASAT leafy suit to go over your existing hunting clothing, this stuff works.  
  - Rangefinder      
  - Camera (digital with 1 mb or bigger disk)      
  - Headlamp with extra batteries      
  - water bottle      
  - Waterproof matches/lighter      
  - Bug repellent (vital for spring bear hunts!)      
  - GPS/extra batteries      
  - Compass w/mirror      
  - Sunglasses w/headstrap      
  - Paperback book      
  Personal Items:      
  - Toothbrush/toothpaste/floss      
  - No Scent hair and body soap      
  - Toilet paper for day pack      
  - Lip balm      
  - No scent deodorant      
  - Babywipes (unscented....these are mandatory for our BC out trips!)  
  - Advil      
  - Nail clippers/tweezers      
  - Spotting scope/tripod (used extensively for grizzly and mule deer hunts)  
  - Video camera      
  - Satellite phone (Iridium is best)      
  - Small notepad and pencil      
  - Specialty snacks      
  Packing Tips......      
  You will be able to have two checked bags and one carry on bag. Airlines are changing their rules daily it seems, so call ahead of time to find out weight limits, as well as how many bags you can have. As of today, your checked bags can weigh up to 50 pounds, and your carry on 25 pounds. I would also suggest that your bow case has some extra room so you can pack other items in it as well. Do not have anything they percieve as weapons (knifes, sharpeners, etc.) in your carry on, they will take it. This is an extensive packing list, but I will be narrowing it down for the hunt you are booked for.  
  If you have any questions please contact me at 1-780-690-7725.  
  Hope to talk with you soon!      
      Jeff Lander  
      Primitive Outfitting