Alberta - Mule Deer


  Southeastern Alberta is fast becoming the known destination for huge mule deer. Primitive Outfitting has been set up in this area the last 10 years and has had incredible success with getting their hunters onto some world class mule deer bucks. we are 100% for opportunity on P&Y deer, with a 30% kill rate over those 10 years. You can expect to see 50 to 100 mulies per day, with stalks happening on a daily basis.

  The area is desert with big river coulees that the deer bed in. We spot in the mornings, stalk during the day, and will set up blinds (usually pit blinds) to intercept the deer on their way to the feed in the evenings. This is a bowhunting only camp guided by hardcore bowhunters!  
  Big mulies are argueably the toughest game animal to harvest with a bow and arow, and we give it our best effort to produce a quality shot at one of these trophies.  
  Big mule deer have a way of humbling the best bowhunters out there, so if you are up for a great challange give us a call!

We are usually booked out a year or more, so call early. All hunts are 2x1, and are 6 full days in length.

  Hunt details:    
$5000 USF, plus license fees and 3% GST tax
Call for available dates.
  See our photo album or video clip for mule deer.