Alberta - Waterfowl

  Primitive Outfitting has secured hundreds of thousands of acres of absolutely the best waterfowl hunting in western Canada. We are extremely proud to offer our clients a hunting experience that will provide a lifetime of fond memories and the desire to return year after year. The sight of acres of birds across a prairie stubble field and the sound of thousands of wings in the air is indescribable...and you will experience this daily. Being some of the first hunters to shoot at these birds on their way down the central flyway is a bonus as well. We are committed to making sure that you have a great time while hunting with us.  
  Your hunt will begin by taking a commercial flight into Calgary, Alberta. From there, we will pick you up and transfer you and your gear to your hotel in Hanna, Alberta which is approximately 2 hours away. For the duration of your hunt, you will be responsible for the cost of your room  
  and board and your beverages. There are several different restaurants and hotels in the area and we can provide pricing and reservations prior your arrival. Primitive Outfitting will provide transportation to/from the shoots, along with all the necessary state-of-the-art decoys and blinds, guides, spotters, and bird processing. We can accomodate up to 8 hunters in a group, with no more than 4 shooters per shoot along with your guide.  
  We run our hunts as follows:  
  In the early morning we will head out for a field shoot, that was spotted the evening before. The focus on this hunt is geese. Primarily Speckiebelly's and Canada's (lesser and greaters), and Snows. We will have all the full bodied decoys and blinds set and prepped before the first hint of light. Once we have limited out or the morning hunt slows down, we will pack up and head back to the hotel. Mid afternoon we head back out, either to a pre-determined goose shoot, or to a slough for mallards/pintails. Afternoon hunts are at your choice. if geese are your priority, then we will hit it hard until we limit out or it gets dark. If you want variety, then it will be geese in the a.m, and ducks in the p.m. Quite often we get ducks coming into our field shoots, so you will have opportunity at both regardless. We will work extremely hard for you to have a successful and enjoyable hunt.  
  We enjoy liberal limits of birds, which are as follows:  
  Canada Geese/Specklebellies: 8 per day, with a maximum of 3 specks in that limit 16 possesion limit.
Snow Geese: 20 per day, with a 60 possesion limit.
Ducks: 8 per day, of which 4 can be Pintails. 16 possesion limit.
  I thought I should share with you my thoughts on gear prior to your hunt with us. Shells are a personal choice. We pride ourselves in bringing the birds in close, but there are times when the birds have other ideas, thus some longer range shells are helpful. Longer shots occur with spooky birds, and some of these Greater's are pushing 12-14 pounds.. The large 3 1/2 inch magnums are recommended in triple B's and T-Shot., bring some 2 and 4 shot for the ducks. Clothing is important. In early October, the temps can be variable (20-35 in the mornings). Multiple layers provide the comfort in the early mornings, then you are able to remove layers as it gets warmer. Evenings will be in the 40's to 60's.  
  Hunt fee is $1400 USF which again does not include your room/board/beverages. Your license cost is $100 USF (hunting license and Federal bird stamp) which is due 1 month prior the hunt. 50% of hunt cost is due a week after booking hunt. You will also be required to download and fill out the firearm registration forms (CAFC 909 and 910) prior your arrival in Calgary. Download the forms and follow the instructions. It is very straight forward and the cost for registration your gun is around $45 US. Do not sign the forms until you are in front of the customs agent in the airport, otherwise they will hold you up. Hopefully with our new Conservative government the registration of guns will be scrapped, but at this point it is still a requirement.

If you have any questions about our waterfowl hunts, please feel free to call me at home. I would be glad to talk more about our opportunities we have here in Alberta.

  Jeff Lander  
  See our photo album or video clip for waterfowl.