Alberta - Whitetail    
  Primitive Outfitting is offering a very limited amount of whitetail bowhunts in the famous Edmonton bowzone. The Edmonton bowzone has been in existence since 1972, and encompasses 1400 sq. miles around the city of Edmonton. Alberta has long been known as producing huge whitetail bucks, and it continues to do so.

  The bowzone is 70% agriculture and 30% woodlots. We hunt from tree stands placed strategically on funnels, near bedding areas, and near the food crops. You have the option of hunting all day, or hunting morning and evening stands. We do our hunts during the pre-rut/rut in November, thus the temperatures can be extreme, so good gear is a must.  
  Our hunters over the past 10 years have gone 35% on kills, with 100% opportunity at a P&Y buck. Our hunters have harvested deer as small as 118 P&Y and as big as 203 P&Y (gross).  
  The average buck taken is in the 150's. The key in hunting in the bowzone is that at anytime a B&C or pontential world record could come by, which keeps alot of hunters focused and alert. We don't have the numbers of deer compared to the midwest or eastern states, but the quality of deer will keep you coming back.  
  Presently we are booked thru 2008.  
  Cost for a one week (6 full hunting days) is $4500 USF, with a two week (12 hunting days) hunt going for $8000 USF.  
  Tax (3%) and license is seperate.  
  For more info please call or email.  
  See our photo album or video clip for whitetails.